Brush Fencing

Brimming with natural charm and character, brush fencing is perfect for those who want their homes to look organic and distinctly Australian. Made from the branches of the Uncinata Melaleuca, it is attractive, durable and hardy, perfect for our rugged landscape.


Perfect for Privacy

Given the incredibly thick nature of brush fencing, it offers an almost unparalleled level of privacy that no other fencing style can match - perfect if your pool areas is easily visible by neighbours or passersby.

Use it Across Your Property

Brush fencing doesn't have to just be used for your pool area - it makes an excellent boundry fence too. A fence that is both a boundry fence and a pool fence must be 1.8m by Australian law, making this the perfect choice. 

Things to Know Before Choosing a Brush Fencing Contractor?

Brush fencing installation isn’t a simple process, and requires skill and knowledge on your contractors part. Proper preparation is key to a strong and long-lasting fence, and levelling the immediate area around your boundary may also be necessary. Thoroughly discuss the process with the contactors to ensure they are the right choice for your home.

Why Choose Us for Brush Fencing?

As the leading brush fencing contractors in the Mornington Peninsula, you can be sure we’re the right choice. With a range of screening options available, you can choose the capping option that best suits your taste. Contact Dolphin Fencing today for a free measure and quote.



What sort of capping options are available?

We have three options to choose from: timber capped, roll-topped or natural. However, we recommend capping over natural, as this protects the fence from weathering and deterioration.

Can I have a gate?

If you’d love a gate to match your new brush fencing, we offer sliding gates clad with brush panels. Unfortunately, brush is too heavy for other gating styles, as it will cause the posts, foundations and screws to fail.